About Us

Our Story

Started by the Plautz Family in the early 1900s, the farm has continued to grow and change based on the needs of the family. From adding new buildings, to making the decision to stop raising livestock, the Runyard Grain Farm has become what it is today.

Runyard Grain Farm is currently owned and operated by Alan and Susan Runyard. They are joined by their youngest son, Dexter, and his family in the daily management and operations of the farm. Using a combination of the tried and true and the newer technology, they work hard to grow a quality crop while maintaining the health and integrity of the land.

Dustin Runyard is the oldest of son of Alan and Susan. After serving in the United States Army, he finished his college education, and currently sells insurance for Farmers Insurance. He lives minutes down the road from the home farm with his wife, Mallorie, and son, Wade.

Dexter Runyard and his wife, Chelsey, reside in the farm house with their two daughters, Emma and MacKenna.  Emma and MacKenna are the 7th generation who have lived in the farmhouse. In addition to working the farm, Dexter and Chelsey have begun managing Runyard Parts and Service


Grain Farming

Our goal is to improve the land we farm while producing high yield cash crops. We employ a variety of methods including crop rotation, various tillage practices, and the application of fertilizers to ensure the health of the soil and the crop.

While our main focus is on corn and soybeans, we also grow hay, wheat, and occasionally oats. 

Hay Sales:

 We produce a variety of quality hay and straw. Available in both small squares and 4' x 5' round bales. 

Please contact us for more details. 


Custom Farming

If you are in need of an extra hand, we offer custom planting, seeding, tillage, and harvest services. We are responsible, efficient, and economical. Please contact us if you have questions.